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Tree Service Eugene company has been providing tree services for the people of Eugene and neighboring cities for over a decade. We understand that having plants and trees in your compound is a big responsibility. You need to care for these plants and trees, ensuring that they receive a healthy amount of water and stay in top shape. This is because these trees add aesthetic value to your lawn as well as increase the value of your home at times. They can also be dangerous if they are not healthy or structurally sound. It is therefore important to have a professional arborist take a look at your compound once in a while to ensure that everything is in the best shape.

We at Tree Service Eugene provide the services that help to keep your lawn or yard looking great. We respond promptly once you ask for our services. We are a team of certified licensed arborists who pride in the fact that we put our customers first!

What Services Do We Provide?

At Tree Service Eugene we provide various services including:


Emergency Response

Sometimes strong winds, storms or earthquakes bring down trees atop buildings and homes. This damages these structures and also causes injury for persons who were within the buildings at the time. In some cases, the trees do not cause a lot of damage when they fall. However, they could cause more damage if they are not removed promptly. We come in to remove these trees and preserve your home. We also help to remove trees that collapse on top of cars and other property, allowing you to get the car to the repair shop or have it towed to the salvage yard.

Our emergency response is prompt and efficient.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons why people would want to have their trees removed. Some want to change up their landscape and therefore need to remove the tree and level the ground. In other cases, it is absolutely necessary to remove trees. Deep and strong roots could grow far and wide and start pushing against a home’s foundation. This can be dangerous since it might cause the house to come apart and collapse. Such trees need to be cut down and completely removed. In some cases, the trees might grow dangerously close to the house which makes them dangerous in case of storms, strong winds and other natural calamities. They could collapse on the house. Additionally, trees could have a disease which makes them weak and prone to collapsing. They could even be infested by pests. To protect your family and pets, it is important to have such trees removed.

At Tree Service Eugene we have a skilled team of experts that comes in to remove these trees, ensuring that safety is maintained and that there are no damages or injuries. And our cost is always competetive compared to our competition.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and cutting can be a good alternative to hewing down a tree. Some trees do not need to be completely removed. For example, if a tree has long branches that block light and cast shade in some of your rooms, you could have the branches trimmed. This will allow light in while still keeping the tree. Other reasons for trimming trees include increasing the productivity of the tree if it is a fruit-bearing tree and shaping the tree for a desired look.

We prune trees to your liking and in order to achieve the purpose. If it is to increase the yield, we use our professional expertise to do it in order to ensure that you have more fruit. If it is to achieve a certain shape, we also come in to meet your desires and needs.

Stump Grinding

Stumps can be very unsightly. They are parts of trees sticking out from the ground where a tree was cut down. They can also be dangerous since children are bound to climb and jump off which could lead to serious falls. Even adults could get serious injuries if they trip over a stump. In addition to all this, stumps tend to rot and decay and this provides a good environment for bacteria, fungus and pests to breed. These can then cause diseases and illnesses in pets, other plants and people living within the compound.

We remove stumps from your lawn by grinding them. We are equipped with the necessary equipment to grind away these stumps properly. We are also trained so you are assured that there will be no injuries or damages in the process.

Why Choose Us?

At Tree Service Eugene, we have a team of experts who are fit for the job. Our professional arborists come in first to assess the health of your trees and give advice on the course of action. You might find that removing a tree or trimming it might not be the best solution to your problem. The expert arborists will let you know all this before you can make a decision on what you would like to do.


There are more reasons why you should choose our services including:

Right Equipment

We have the right equipment to get the job done. Tree removal, trimming and stump grinding requires certain tools that are quite expensive. Often, the better the quality of the tools, the more expensive they are. At Tree Service Eugene we have the best of all these tools and therefore you are assured that the job will go down smoothly.

Skilled and Trained

Our team of professionals is very skilled. They know all there is to know about trees and how to handle them while trimming, removing them or even grinding stumps. Each and every member of the team also undergoes thorough and intensive training before they can go into the field. We aim to be excellent and this can only be achieved if our professionals are highly trained as well. Check out our reviews in Google and Yelp.


We have been in business for a long time. This period has allowed us to learn more, both theoretically and practically. There are certain skills and lessons that you can only learn on the job. Sometimes unexpected situations arise and force you to improvise or change up how you do things on the ground. This is why experience is very important. It comes in handy all the time.

Reliable and Prompt in Response

Whenever you have an emergency, you would like to get prompt response so you can feel safe again. The same applies for tree removal in the case of emergencies. At Tree Service Eugene we recognize this and therefore respond to your call immediately. Even in normal cases where you want a service, we will send and expert to your home immediately to see the state of the trees and provide you with a free estimate before the work can begin.

Additionally, we provide a guarantee that whatever you require from us will be delivered perfectly. We do not do shoddy jobs. If your tree is to be removed and the pieces discarded, we will include that in the estimate. The same applies if you want to have the stump removed as well. All this is clearly indicated in the free estimate so that all the requirements are met on the day the job is carried out. We are reliable, unlike other service providers who give a standard estimate that has not factored in the extent of the work. In the end, you either pay so much more than you anticipated or end up with work that is half done.


We are also affordable. For every service provided, we factor in qualities such as the height and width of the tree, the density of its branches and whether or not it needs extra care because it is infested or has a disease since it might need to be treated first. These are included in the fees we charge. We are therefore affordable as you are able to get cheaper prices if you have smaller and healthier trees whereas those with larger and diseased trees are able to get value for their money.


Contact Us

If you are in the area and would like to get any of these services, you have come to the right place. We are skilled professionals with positive reviews from former clients and customers. We do a remarkable job that you will be pleased about. If you do not know what your trees need, you can get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help. We have professional arborists who are knowledgeable about plants. They can tell whether your trees are healthy or if they might need to be trimmed or cut down. With this advice, you can then decide which course of action you would like to take.

We also provide you with a free estimate once you get in touch with use. This will help you to budget and save up on the amount that you need to get the work done. This is advantageous to you because you will not have to look for more cash to top up the quoted amount because our estimates are accurate. We take the extent of the work into consideration after visiting the site, which is why consultations are necessary.