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If you are in Eugene and would like to have a stump removed from your lawn, you are in the right place. At Tree Service Eugene, we provide reliable stump grinding services that will meet your needs.


Hazards of Having Stumps

Stumps are fun to have around. If you have children, they can make a game out of climbing on and jumping off these stumps. If you have some repairs that you like to do on appliances outdoors, a stump can also serve as a stool that you can sit on. However, stumps can also be hazardous. Your children can fall off and hurt themselves while jumping off of them. You could also trip and get injured if you are in a hurry and confused so you cannot see the stump. Aside from bodily harm, stumps are known to decay and rot. This process encourages breeding of bacteria, fungus, pests and diseases. Your plants, pets and children could get diseases from this. The pests could also be transferred into your house which becomes a nuisance because then you have to get an exterminator to deal with the problem. It is best to have these stumps removed.

While it may not be hazardous, you might also want to get a different look on your lawn. Landscaping can become more expensive and complicated if you have trees. It might therefore be necessary to level the lawn and this can be done by grinding the stumps in your compound.

Professional Work

Unlike removal of trees, stump grinding can be more complicated. You cannot just get a tutorial and copy what is being done to remove a stump from your backyard. First of all, stumps are connected to the roots. You first need to know how fat these roots had gone and how sturdy the stump is before you can embark on any grinding. This is only possible if you are a professional. Additionally, you would have to invest money to buy equipment to grind the tree stump. They are expensive and you may have only one stump which would make it a waste of money. Getting a professional might cost you a fee but it will save you the amount that you would have used to buy equipment you only use once.

It is also important to get a professional because of safety concerns. Apart from wearing protective gear such as gloves and goggles, you also need to have some training in safety procedures. These are necessary to ensure that you are not hurt in the process of grinding a stump. Professionals are skilled in this and are thus the better option.


Get In Touch

If you would want these services, get in touch with us today. We will respond immediately and give you a free estimate. In addition to this, we will carefully store the shavings from the stump if you would like to preserve them for some mulching in your garden or on other plants. If not, we will also get rid of them, leaving your compound clean.