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For as long as you have trees and other plants in your yard or lawn, you will need to take care of them. At Tree Service Eugene we provide these services through tree removal. We are experts at this and have been at it for some time.


Why Remove Trees?

Trees can provide beauty but they can also be dangerous. Whenever you find a tree slanting and growing tall above your house, it is a reason for concern. In case of a storm or when the trunk finally gives in, it will collapse on your house, hurting anyone inside and causing a lot of damage. Some trees grow straight but have deep strong roots which grow all the way to your home’s foundation. To avoid compromising the integrity of your house, it is important to get the tree removed. In other cases, you find that trees have extremely long branches which could grow into the window of your house. They might also block light causing certain rooms to have shade. This is problematic and would require you to have the tree removed.

Some reasons for tree removal may not be related to the safety of your home. It could be that a tree has a pest infestation or a certain disease which puts other plants and pets in the compound at risk as well. It has to be removed by an expert. Additionally, you might just want to have new landscape which will force you to have the tree removed.


Why Choose A Professional?

Whether it is for safety or because of preference, tree removal is a delicate procedure. A lot of people are trying to do it on their own with the help of tutorials and this can be quite dangerous. You have to get the necessary equipment to get the job done. This could include power saws and ladders. The electric tools are pricy and would put a dent in your pocket. In addition to that, power tools such as the electric saw require a lot of care. One misstep or wrong move and you could be injured for life. It is therefore important to let professionals handle this equipment. They can afford them without making a loss since they use them for various jobs and they are trained in using them.

Whenever you remove a tree, it could end up causing damage to property or even injuring those within your lawn or the neighbor’s compound. It is therefore important to let a professional handle tree removal. They know all the tricks of the trade to minimize the chances of any damage or injury occurring. Furthermore, they should be insured and it should cover such incidents.

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If you would like to get reliable professional tree removal services in Eugene, contact us today. We will come to your lawn to see what work needs to be done and the extent of the work as well. This free consultation will then help us to provide you with a free and accurate estimate for the tree removal process in your compound.