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At Tree Service Eugene, we provide services that ensure the health of your trees stays intact. In line with this, we have tree trimming services which are beneficial in the short and long run. If you are in the area and would like these services, get in touch with us for more details.


Why Trim Trees?

There are many reasons why you can choose to trim your trees. The first is to increase productivity if yours is a fruit-bearing tree. If you want to increase your harvest or if you would like your tree to flower more, trimming is important. Aside from this, some people also want their trees to grow in a specific shape. This aesthetic appeal can be achieved by trimming trees to your desired shape.

Additionally, some trees have branches that grow dangerously above the house, fence or even the spot where you park your vehicle. You would like to avoid damages that result from the branches falling in natural calamities such as storms and hurricanes. This is a good reason to trim those branches. You might even be surprised to learn that your tree may not necessarily need to e hewn down but that you can achieve the same result by trimming it instead. If you like the tree and would like to keep it, this can be good news.


Advantages of Getting an Expert

There are numerous advantages you enjoy from getting an expert to trim your trees. Firstly, you get to avoid unsightly stubs that might result if you did the job yourself. This can lead to problems in the future and you would be better placed avoiding these problems. Additionally, trees ought to be trimmed during certain seasons depending on whether they are ever green or deciduous. A professional will know this. You, on the other hand, may not know the exact time to do this which could be problematic. You might end up bleeding the tree of sap which will compromise its structural integrity by making it weak. This could eventually force you to remove the tree altogether which is an added and an unnecessary expense that could have been avoided if you had a professional in the first place.


Get a Free Estimate

At Tree Service Eugene we are professionals, providing a free consultation and estimate once you contact us. Unlike other tree removal services, we first visit your site and assess the nature and health of your trees before proceeding to provide our services. This helps to give you the most accurate estimate possible. It can get frustrating when you already set aside some money for tree trimming but end up looking for more money to pay at the end of the job because you got a standard estimate. Standard estimates do not take all factors into consideration and thus end up being more expensive if your lawn needs more work.

Our free consultation and estimate aim to avoid this. We would like to give you proper information, allowing you to budget and not get disappointed in the end.